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zhengzhou-wanzhou high speed rail

April 26, 2020

Latest company case about zhengzhou-wanzhou high speed rail

project features:

   1.complex bridge type

The bridge type is a catenary curve. The template design needs to be staked out to ensure that the template meets the requirements of the catenary curve structure shape.




     2.Difficulty in arch ring formwork design

The arch ring is a complex structure with multiple angles and multiple slopes. Therefore, the calculation of the template needs to simultaneously consider the load of the concrete side pressure, the buoyancy, and the weight of the concrete, the weight of the template structure and other loads to perform the stress check analysis. The stress model is complex and extremely difficult.

     3.​Difficulty in formwork installation

It is more difficult,complicated and cumbeersome in the formwork positioning than the ordinary horizontal or vertical formwork installation ,which is because that the formwork needs to be installed along the chain curve according to the construction sections. The formwork design needs to consider various factors in advance and design related components in advance to reduce the difficulty of on-site installation.

     4.Difficulty in formwork selection

The formwork should be light weight, high rigidity and strong versatility. It also needs to be convenient not only for on-site construction, but also for later material management and material turnover.


project application systemForPro large size formwork system






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